Jet ski tour to Gili Islands

Palm trees, snow-white beaches and a turquoise sea. These are the Gili Islands. Became popular among backpckers in the 1980s, but nowadays every tourist knows where to find them. The Gili Islands form a group of islands just a few kilometers west of Lombok, where Water Sports Lombok is located. You can actually see the islands from the start. There is a relaxed and serene atmosphere, there are no high hotels and the islands are free of motorized traffic.

Every island has its own character. Gili Trawagan is the paradise for backpackers and party animals. Gili Meno is the island for the lovebirds among us. At Gili Air you will find more of the locals.

Gili Trawagan

The largest of the three islands is Gili Trawagan. This islet is ideal for travelers who like liveliness, especially at night.
Here you will find many nice bars, beach clubs and dozens of good restaurants.

Gili Meno

Gili Meno is the smallest island and it is a lot quieter here. This island is actually suitable for everyone. Here you will also find more couples and older travelers. The beaches are a bit quieter and there are no shops. You come here especially if you are looking for peace.

Gili Air

The local character is the strongest on Gili Air. This island is very nice for snorkeling because of the many different types of fish. The character of Gili Air is calm, and you will find the most beautiful sandy beaches of the entire island group.

Yet all islands are actually known for their diving and snorkeling opportunities. Due to a constant water temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, many species of fish can be admired.

Tour to the Gili Islands

From both Bali and Lombok, various boat tours are offered to the Gili Islands. But for a truly unique experience, grab the jet ski! As the only provider in Lombok you can visit the 3 gili islands on your own. Have you seen enough of an island? Then you sail on to the second. You determine it!

You will arrive on the first island in just a 20-minute jet ski ride. The crossing itself is very nice because you control your jet ski yourself. Do you not have enough skills or experience? Then a guide will come with you. Our experienced guides ensure safety and tell you exactly where you can and cannot moor. Here you can relax, walk around and eat and drink with a beautiful view.

The standard duration of a tour is 3 hours. Have you become devoted to the relaxed atmosphere on the islands and do you decide to stay longer? No problem, you can extend your tour on site in consultation with our guide!


When you book the tour including snorkeling, you are taken from a glass bottom boat to the most beautiful places to snorkel around the Gilli Islands. Including the famous nest sculpture at Gilli Meno!