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Flyboarding is the newest, extreme water sport!  Flyboarding in Lombok is a spectacular experience, extremely popular among tourists. You will be taking flight in the Indian Ocean and if you’re willing, you can get creative by adding in a bunch of turns, flips and the oh so infamous “Dolphin Dive.” You will get a real kick out of it!

A long hose connects the flyboard to the jet ski, which powers the board and sends the rider soaring. The hydro-propulsion forces created offer a unique sensation and a total freedom of movement to the rider. Our instructor is on the jet ski and regulates hydropower. As they can adapt to the user’s level, flyboarding is a great challenge for everyone. You will improve your skills fast, as the instructor will perfectly support you.

Expect us to be there with you every step of the way! Our promise is to be there with you from your pre-booking to your post-booking. We want you to feel and remain comfortable throughout the entire process and we guarantee that you will thank us for an incredible, stress free day!

flyboard baliFlyboard Bali is part of Water Sports Lombok. We are the first company that introduced the flyboard to tourists in Bali. And now also in Lombok!

We have the latest equipment and the best flyboard instructors from Indonesia!

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